Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Man, I have no idea what to put for subject lines sometimes, so I´ll just start my e-mail now


Como vocês estão? bem? Que bom. Tá bom, vamos começar com uma oração! Estou brincando :P

Hey! So before I forget because I´m thinking of it right now! Funny story. I unclogged a toilet by blowing into it! Yeah! Next story! just kidding I´ll explain haha. So, I clogged a toilet and then I ask the Irmão there if there was a plunger, and then I remembered oh yeah I´m in Brasil. haha So then he gave me this huge long stick with holes on either end and told me to start blowing! And that´s what I did... so gross... but it worked... I miss plungers... hehehe :P

So this week, we worked like in crazy amounts! This is week two into the transfer and we have 6 or so pages of contacts already... Man... It´s so many people it´s crazy! but that´s why you got to see who is progressing and who isn´t and already put people in the book of area for other people.

Cool story! I don´t know if I told you guys about Sandra! But anyways one of our contacts was this girl who had some piercings on her face and stuff but we went up to her and just did a contact with her and marked another day to pass by there. And then on sunday we passed by to visit her and her family and there was Talita (the girl), Tatianna, Tiago, Kimberely, and Sandra. And Sandra is the mom and Kimberely is "married" to Tiago. So anyways we just taught the first lesson and invited all of them to be baptized and they all accepted it super fast! It was so awesome! I loved it! So we marked them to be baptized for the 3rd of june (now we have to remark it because they didn´t go to church) but it was just super sweet. Gave them all book of mormons and we invited them to read parts of it. Next time we went over there, they didn´t read it because of lack of time, but we read it with them. The moment we read it with them, Sandra told us, you know just from reading it right now, I already know that it is true. I know it is! It was so awesome! And it really showed the faith people have, especially in the missionaries. Because that was the seconed time we wmet with them and they were alreday put everythign into it. I´m just very excited for them, but because of some problems with the mom of Sandra they didn´t go to church, but they´ll go I know it :) yes!! Anyways, there was more details to that, but it´s hard to write all of it in english haha.

I was pretty disappointed this week though. Even with tons of progress moving and we have 13 or so people that we were planning on taking to church. 0 of them went! AH! man, sundays are such stressful days for me. There´s a reason why P-day is right after! haha. So I just had gotten discouraged with that especially that this next sunday is stake conference, and that willl be hard to bring people to and then the next week is a temple dedication and we aren´t allowed to bring investigators to that (obviously!) haha. But so I´m just trying my best to help all these people understand the message and importance of it. I´m also trying my best to work more with the ward. That can be tricky at some times. Just let me summerize, as a trainer (especially training an american) I do everything. Man, it´s a big jump and I´m more tired (physically and mentally) than I have been on my mission! But I´ts good for me. I just really hope that I´m doing what I can to train Elder Steele right. He definitely is better at obeying the rules with exactness than me. But we certainly have been seeing the blessings flowing from our work and fasting and praying. I´ve gained a big testimony on fasting from this two weeks as well. I really need all the blessings I can get so I try to do everything I can hahah. But you can do all of that, but if you do not have diligence it does not matter!

Man I love being a missionary. Don´t want to stop.

The momster is getting a taste of the errand life! Woot! hahah. :P Random thought: Priesthood line? Did you guys get that yet? Anyways, Sarah is going to Russia?!?! What the heck! That´s super crazy! AH! hahaha. Man, that´s so crazy! I loved Louie´s message btw! :)

I loved the pictures of Elder Schenk also! Elder Squires always tells funny or cool stories that happened with them and I keep in my prayers everyday. I do miss having him around, he´s an awesome guy and a campeão! (champion)

Man, I loved the story about Gavin! I bet he´ll be a computer wiz when he grows up! i can see it already! haha. Now he just needs to skype the people where we have lunch! :P hahah just kidding :P

Mom, why do you put Mom J at the end of your message? hahah

Hey dad, that experience you had is the spirit saying, "don´t watch any other awesome movies without your son grant!" hahaha :P And dad didn´t you say that I would be a trainer in the next transfer during skype? I think so!

Well anyways, my time this time is short, but I love you guys and you guys are super sick! (like sick being awesome hahah :P) Anyways, e-mail time is always a blast! Love you guys!

Com amor,
Élder Grant Shaw Merrill

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