Monday, June 4, 2012

Missionary is fun!


Week of hardness! That´s how I would describe this week. So we have been finding and teaching tons of people and trying to find more and more people every week to baptize and we are making tons of progress! But this week was stake conference (which Presidente Monson talked via satelite[and other people too]) so we had to bring our investigators there. Which is like 30 minute car ride. So we invited about 7-9 people to go to chruch that we were trying to help get baptized and when saturday night came, I only had one irmão helping me. and he had 2 spots avalivable. I am pretty sure I called everyone in the ward and no one could help. I had to do this too at a phonebooth. Anyways, I ended calling people until 10:20 at night and was like okay, I guess it´s time to call it good. Bascially, super stressed out, had no idea how I was getting 7 people to church the next day. Well, at 8:30, while walking to our chapel, I get a phone call from an irmão of the ward saying the person he was going to take got a stomach ache and we had tons of spots left. Man, I was so happy to hear that! well, we got one person in a car and the that irmão with my companion went to go look for our other investigators. We were going to find the others as well, but it ended up being an random irmã of another ward in são josé dos campos showed up at the chapel and asked for a ride. I was kind of mad about that but that´s all good. Needless to say, we ended up going to the stake center with one investigator and when my companion showed up he had no one and he had forgotten about 2 others. Well at this time it was 10 already the conference was starting. I got my leader of mission of ward to help me go back to our city and look for our investigators. I love that man, he sacrifics so much. Well, ended up being none of our  investigators could make it and I got at the conferecne at 11:40 and got the last 10 minutes of Monson´s talk. Yay!... I did my part and that´s what is important. And we did have one investigator there! So always got to look at the bright side of things!

Mom, it was funny. you said "Jessica, Adam & kid arrived..." I got confused but I realized that you meant to say kids! haha.

This week, we went to a scary part of town! I´ll leave out the details, but bascially I was holding onto wellington (a member) the whole time hahaha. :P Darn the elects of God that live in shady lugares... places. :P

Give David and his family the best! I remember when Grandma Shaw died and  how that was hard for me. But I remember because of the time I had to prepare for it, it made it a lot easier, but still hard. But give them a good hug for me! :) Thanks

I saw the pictures of Elder Schenk and everything, it was so good to see that guy getting better. He really is inspiring and I´m very glad to have known him :)

Dad laughed sooooooooo hard when I heard what happened with you :P hahah, seriously though, that IS funny :P Wish I saw that... :P I bet it was exactly like the office hehe.

I didn´t even know Ethan Grether went on a mission! Man! Hey yeah, what other stuff is happening that maybe I don´t know!

Anyways, time is money/p-day/got to go! Love you guys and I´ll get my thoughts better planned :) Love youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu!

com amor,
Élder Grant Shaw Merrill

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