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Oi minha família, sejam bem-vindos para a carta do Élder Merrill aqui em Jacareí!

Alrighty! So this past week we have been tearing things up. It´s been super duper good! My companion went his merry way to home haha but in the end he wasn´t so sure about it. He was getting pretty sad that he was leaving brasil. So that's good right? haha. Anyways, so on monday night (transfers happened on tuesday) we are waiting for the call to know what will happen with me. Well, we get the call, and lo and behold! I´m training!!! AHH! What?!? What´s that about? I have no idea how to do that hahah. But yeah so i´m a trainer now and I´m training Elder Steele. (have you realized that in my entire mission I´ve only had one brasilian companion. weird huh?) Anyways, he is from Washington and way sweet! He´s way obedient with the rules and the helps me to be the best missionary that I can be. I think he´s taught me more than I have taught him :P haha.

Anyways, I think I´m doing things the right way. We are following the "First Twelve Weeks" program and he has been progressing really well. We´ve been keeping busy and doing tons of stuff each day. We already filled up two pages of contacts in 4 days! Man, i´ve been tired. the thing about being senior and trainer is that you have to do EVERYTHING. So I´m very tired this week and grateful for p day today to recharge my batteries! I´ve also realized how bad my english is haha. Because somethings he will ask me what a word means and I know exactly what it means, but I do not know that word in english for it. It just means that in português for me haha. It´s really weird but cool. I have also grown in my understanding and speaking SO MUCH in portugues just by being a trainer. It really has been a huge blessing in my mission. I´m very grateful for this opportunity that president has given me!

Speaking of President! This is his last transfer! And then he goes home! :( I´ve very torn. I would rather him stay him until the end of my mission but I know that the next president will be very good. He has just been very good for me. He has also made me realize how grateful I am to have a dad who is a worthy priesthood holder and loving to his kids and wife. So thanks dad for being awesome! :)

Talking on skype seems like foreeeeeeeeeeever ago!

This week we had miracles happen! So working very hard, we fasted from lunch friday to lunch saturday to help a man get baptized and to have more people. Well, he ended up not getting baptized and he was the only one at church, but the miracles are that we found soooooooo many new people to teach that are super excited and are wanting to go to church. They have already accepted to be baptized too and we have so many appointments this week to invite others as well. I know we will have people  at church this next sunday and we are trying to help the man (Valdir) stop smoking and drinking coffee (mocha ;) haha) and feel more ready for the baptism of him! So it just has been a very uplifting week in regard to that we are working very hard and finding new people that are excited! YAY! Just to end this part, miracles really do happen. I have too many that happen each week to count. But the way God prepares people is amazing. For example this week we found a family that first time teaching, taught about the restoration, invited to pray, invited to be baptized on the 3rd of junho, and invited to go to church this week. From the first time meeting them, they said yes yes and yes. It just was really amazing and I´m very excited to work with them! :)

I´m glad you guys are having experiences with those that are new or less-acitve in the church. This is something that I feel like I need to get better at. I spend so much time on finding new people to bring into the church that maybe I forget to help those that are already in. But I´m getting better (or trying) everyday.

Random thought: The book of Job is good. I like it a lot because it explains how perfection works. it explains that perfection is impossible without trials. We can think that adam and eve were perfect but they weren´t yet. They were in an innocent state. Perfection comes from trial and error. It comes from learning and growing. This is why there is the necessity of having trials and provações. I forgot that word, ask Phil. It´s basically trials I thinks haha. Anyways, so that´s why we are here on the Earth, to learn and grow and strive for the state of perfection one day!

So I don´t remember the Pastrano´s but that´s a very awesome story! :)  Tell the christensons that sorry I haven´t written for very long, but I promise I will! alright? good, then cause I feel bad :P hahah.

I´m very excited for Jared to go on a mission. I know he will love it and it will help shape him and help him become who he wants to be! Tell him what´s up for mi! :P thanks p-units hehe. Josh and meghan are graduating?!? WHAT?! I´m so confused, I´ve only been gone for 10 months. Man... that´s weird hahah.

If they post any pictures of elder schank I would love to see! speaking of pictures, I think an irmã here marked me in pictures on facebook if you would like to see! :)

By the way dad, I laughed very hard at the joke actually. and I´m glad I understood it too :P haha. It was pretty funny haha :P :P also, I hope when I do get back we could go on home teaching visits again, I would like to do that! yes and please :D woohoo!! haha.

Well, it´s always way awesome getting to e-mail you guys and I can´t wait to talk to you guys next week! :) The work is moving here now and I´m training now O_o just crazy stuff haha. but it´s all a rewarding experience!

Eu sei que esta Igreja é verdadeira e que Jesus Cristo é meu salvador. Sou mutio grato pelas bênçãos eu já rebeci em minha vida com minha família e, também, o evangelho de Cristo. Mutias vezes, fica difícil para continuar em nossas vidas, mas se nós continuarmos com fé em Cristo, nós vamos ser abençoados! :) Peace out my family and friends hahaha :P

Com amor,
Élder Grant Shaw Merrill!

Note:  So here's the joke that Evan told Grant:

So Bill Gates died and went to Heaven.  God judged him and sendthim to his eternal home.  It was a small home, one story, very modest, but nothing like his earthly home.  He was quite disappointed and thought he should have received a more glorious mansion for all the great technological advances that he helped to make.  He looked across the street and saw a huge beautiful mansion and thought, “I wonder who’s eternal home that is?”  So he walked across the street to see who it was.  He knocked on the door and was surprised to learn that it was the captain of the Titanic.  He thought why should he have a bigger eternal home than him?  So he asked him and the Captain said, “Well, I only crashed once!”

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