Monday, May 14, 2012

After Mother´s Day!

I want to preface this post with a note about yesterday. Mother's Day was great--we were able to Skype with Grant. He looks great, he sounds great, he is great. He is happy and enjoying serving his Heavenly Father in Brazil. We were able to bring Phil & Corinne & Jessica & Adam and their kids, Gavin & Ruby in on the Skype session. Although all of my kids are far away, we spent a couple hours together. After, we brought Grant's grandma, Gandma Merrill, in on the call. It was a great visit.


Well it was super good to talk to all you guys and see you guys too! Skyping is definitely something way awesome that I love haha. I probably had other stuff I wated to say but I honestly can´t remember if there was or not haha. So tonight we will find out if I stay or if I go. I´m 90% sure that I will stay but who knows! haha. I´m pretty sure. We confirmed Kaio on sunday. So now he is an official member of the church, :) it just makes me so happy seeing them take that step in life and putting all trust into the Lord. That´s something thtat really does make me happy and I am so grateful for this opportunity to have this joy in my life and bring it unto others as well!

So Gavin is getting huge!! Man and I´m surprised haha but that is sweet! Ruby is cute as heck too! Man, I definitely miss them and you guys but I´m so very happy to be here :) I can´t believe that Grandma will be turning 90 she just looks so good still :) I´ve been analyzing my mission lately and I`m trying to make it the thing that changes my life the most, and it really has. It has given me vision to my life and helped me see what really is important in my life!

Next week I´ll let you know how the transfers were and of how the work is going! Thanks for being awesome!!

com amor,

Élder Grant Shaw Merrill

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