Monday, March 5, 2012


I was transferred! This was a hard week for me! I cried a little bit ha.. But because when I got transferred I looked at my pictures and started missing the people I baptized a lot... Man, that was hard. A woman I baptized (Sônia) made a huge cake for me. It was the best :P Hahaha. I have...saudades... I miss them lots now! But that's okay I know that I'm here in this new area to serve the people here :) Whoa wait... better :) haha.
This week I've been thinking about studies and why they are so important. There is a difference between reading and studying. We can read the book of mormon all we want and get nothing out of it. But if we study the scriptures we can understand everything. This is so important. For me this is why I never will study the scriptures without something to mark them and a notebook. I always need a notebook so that I can write everything I'm learning. I've filled one of those notebooks you gave me mom. hahah. I'm on number two and I have other notebooks that I use to write more that I learn. But I've amazed myself how much I have learned. My goal for this transfer is to finish jesus the christ, (i've been slacking) and start the old testament! Crazy but awesome!
I'm glad you like my CD! haha I almost forgot about that! I've really been missing the violin. Piano I get to play A LOT because there is always a piano, but still it's not the same haha. But I'm doing good :)
I got the package this week! I still kept the other fan from that one package so now I have two :) Collection... STARTED! hahaha. I loved the shirt too! Got jealous but loved it! :) haha. So hey, when does Louie leave for his mission? Has he already gone or no? I'm confused! hahah.
So that guy gave his testimony again?!? Oh man... hahah. did you know that he believes he is Jesus? yeah.. He's cool :) haha.
I forgot to say! I was transferred to Jacareí! It's a town. There's são Paulo, go like... 2 hours out and you hit São José dos Campos. Then one more hour and you hit Jacareí! Man, it's soooooooooo beautiful here! I forgot what green looks like. I got used to buildings everywhere that I forgot what green was. Also, the people here drive so much more slowly and also i don't know they are just different here. I think I will like this area a lot! It's huge though. My area is more than half the town and the branch has a little bit of the town. But it's definitely a lot different. Also there was .... favela... like... ghetto where i was. in limoeiro. But this time it's all good! doesn't really have favela
I thought I was going to be senior this transfer (and so did my zone leaders and my companion) but still junior! I am VERY certain that I will be senior the next transfer. Scary but cool! I'm feeling a little bit like senior because my companion is leaving next transfer so he's trunkie :P not the same amount of trunkiness like my other companion but still :P I just know I will have to work very hard this transfer! :)
Dad, glad you had fun at the conference. Always you get to watch games huh? :P That's cool :P LUCKY! hahaha. There's a river here in this town and I imdeitaly (how do you spell that word?!) thought of you! Because I wanted to fish.. hahah :P Anyways, we will be leaving soon! But thanks for the pictures! I will be sending a letter soon and I have some pictures to send! :) Okay? okay! With a new computer also, maybe It will work to send pictures, I forgot my camera again but i'll try next time okay? okay! I love you guys lots! And just know that Ì'm happy here on my mission :) It's been the most rewarding thing of my life :)
Com Amor,
Élder Grant Shaw Merrill!

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