Monday, February 27, 2012


How's the family and friends this week?!? Good? Good :) haha. So this week was very interesting! But I definitely learned a lot about miracles this week!! We had a lot of trouble finding our investigators this week. This week was carnival week so it made for a very interesting week of work. But it was still good. This week Juliana and Mylena were baptized! I'm so grateful for that really! Juliana is pregnant, so it was very interesting to baptize her. She's 8 months pregnant and really pregnant haha. Mylena was the miracle this week. We tried baptizing her a few weeks ago but she wanted nothing of it. So we tried and tired again but she just didn't want it. So we let it go. Until friday we simpley asked her again almost joking around with her and she said yes! It was amazing but i baptized her as well. I'm well aware if we have faith and show our faith through our actions the Lord will help us out!
This week is transfers week! I'm pretty darn sure that I will leave! But I don´t know until tonight! Man, I have mixed feelings about this... I love this area and I don't want to leave...but also, I need a change I think. haha.
It's crazy that february is ending now and that is time for march! Time is going by super crazy and I'm feeling old already on the mission! hahaha. It's funny. But anyways, me and my companion were talking about some things we miss. I miss a carpet hahaha.:P I want a carpet! haha.
I'll be sending you guys a letter soon!!! Sorry for the excitement haha. I haven't had a whole lot of time this past little while to send letters, but I will! :) So louie will be going soon? That's right!! haha. Craziness! Btw, where is Jonathan going again? Because I have been using my raincoat recently! That's because here, it rains all the time here!! It's hot as heck but rains and has the craziest thunderstorms! The thunderstorms here are so crazy. Gives one second and you hear the sound, so close! :D I love it!
So my jeans are the tight ones. That's the problem. Probably the same size would work, but just not skinny or tight. The jeans are tight everywhere hahaha. I haven't received the package yet!
I was thinking about something the other day. Now I'm trying to remember but it was something that happened in our family and was really funny. But I can't remember. but I was thinking about it and I started to crack up and my companion had no idea why but it was funny haha. Anyways, I have to go now! we got to get some stuff done today! But I love you guys!!
Com Amor,
√Člder Grant Shaw Merrill!

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