Monday, February 20, 2012

Happy Birthday Mom!

This transfer has passed by soooooooo quickly. It has amazed me. But I have learned so much too. My companion has really helped with a bunch of things. It's awesome. He´s cool haha. So this week was pretty difficult. Heavenly Father certainly knows how to humble you haha. We had one baptism this week and all the others that we had fell through. Also one confirmation. I'm worried about Damiana. She was confirmed sunday but baptized a couple of weeks ago. But it took a while to have her confirmed because every time we went to her house to bring her to church she slept somewhere else. Which is really weird because she´s a mom of 4 and they just stay there at home. But this is kind of normal here. The thing I learned is that no one sleeps here. And also this week is carnival, so people really don't sleep now. haha. but she was finally confirmed. But Mônica and Gabriela were not confirmed this week because they didn't answer the door also. They need to be confirmed!
But anyways this week was long and very short. I'm feeling a little bit under the weather. Oh also I'm going to be making strogonof today. (how do you spell it?) But here it is sooo much better than it is in the usa. Want to know something funny? People here always say hey german! Speak English! Anyways, I thought it was funny hahaha. How's the Collins? Are they doing good? I miss them!
Oh hey! I would love glasses wipes! :) Just saying! Recently there has been tons of thunderstorms. They are sooo awesome! AHHH I love thunderstorms so much! Especially when there is no time in between the sound and lightening! I love thunderstorms like that :] But man, it's pretty humid here! You should feel lucky :P haha.
So, I've been noticing that I'm thinking and dreaming in portuguese too. I didn't really notice it until recently, because I was listening to my companion talk and I thought to myself, why is he speaking in english? That's when I noticed he wasn't speaking in english but in portuguese whoa weird hahah.
Thanks for the receipe I will make it soon! If they have something like cream of mushroom soup... hahah. The charges are from me... sorry! hahah. And I haven't gotten the  package yet! Maybe I have but we haven't gone to the office yet! So I don't know! haha. My next transfer is in a week! This is my last week here! or who knows hahaha! So I say Oi to all of them too! :) and o que vocês vão fazer para verão? Vocês vão para um lugar como hawaii denovo?! haha. That was for the collins :P haha.
Well sounds like dad's still running away and this time with uncle chip haha. :P I miss you guys and ready to work this next week! Tchau! and good luck with the baby to be phil! I'll be thinking about you corinne while baptizing this next week, because we will baptize a pregnant lady! (I hope!) haha. Anywyas tchau!
Com amor,
Élder Grant Shaw Merrill!

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