Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Another Week in the MTC

Oh, how I live for Tuesdays! I love hearing from my missionary!

Oi Family and Friends!!! I´m glad that you guys found my shoes :) thats good haha. And I played violin for the devotional last tuesday. It was really really easy but fun!! I enjoyed it haha. I got Jessica´s letter the other day! And 4 letters so far from brother minor. :P i´ll keep a good look out for letters from you guys! I sent you guys one too!! Theres a letter for Grant in there if you could send please :) And I´ll be sending one to Hannah too soon so yes :) So I got myself a new bag! Same type as Phil´s but this one has São Paulo Leste (East) on it haha. Tomorrow is the start of a new program. This current program is being scrapped to a degree and this new program is taking over. Basically it´s a lot more strick and going to be a lot more of us teaching. I´m very excited for it :) Although.. we are going to be taped and I don´t like the sound of that :P haha.So you guys need to look up a talk by Jeffery R. Holland!! It´s from last year in August given at the MTC in Provo. If you find one where there is a piano/cello duet before the talk that´s the right one! One of the best and most motivating missionary talks I have ever heard! It´s just awesome!! :) So did you get any charge on my debit/credit card. I tried using it but it was being denied and then same with the credit, but it was happening to other Elders as well. But the lady cleaned it out and it started working for other people. I ended up paying with cash but I just wanted to make sure nothing unnessarily got charged! Sorry :) haha. Elder No Nascimento hasn´t gotten any letters or emails at all, even from his parents. I feel really bad for him so I think when he leaves for Columbia and I´m out in my mission area I will write to him!! So Dad youre moving up huh? :P haha. jk. High Consouler is less stressful though that´s good! Haha. I´m super excited for whe n Dallen Comes!! :) He will love it here! And Phil better keep working hard ;) hahah. So yesterday a ton of Elders left and now it feels so empty here! Missing a lot of good friends! But it´s okay they are doing good work! Theres apparently like 90+ missionaries still waiting for visas at Provo. did I tell you that? I don~t know. haha.So the national Athem playing wnet really well! It made sister Clark (President Clark~s wife) smile and shine with joy and that´s what you go for here. :P haha. I could work on it more though for next time. Not like I have anytime anyways haha. :P It´s okay keeps me busy and that is the way I like it!! haha So I have been memorizing 30 verbs a day here so you could say my portuguese is growing :) haha. I can pray and give my testimony on mostly anything I want to now. And I can understand a lot more now, but only slow or little bit slower than normal speed. I can´t understand very well normal speed hahaha. I feel like I´m progressing really well even though I still take a while to speak and have a hard time catching everything. But what can you except from like 3 weeks or whatever out, so I´m not discouraged. :) I´m doing great! We went to the temple today and I feel really crappy today (sick wise) but hey I´m serving the Lord and I´m very happy :) so that´s what matters. Thanks for mr. cheney cookies. Thye  are SOOOOOOO good :) yum yum. :) Dad get better! And Now you can fish more! haha. I want to go fishing with you in 2 years! How was the pickled beets?? Hows the fetus Jess?! :P hahaha. I never know if i´m repeating myself or not haha. so I´m getting along with my companion really nicely and I have learned lots of patience :) hahaha. A new district goal of ours is to only speak Portuguese during class time and meal times. It´s pretty difficult but a lot of fun and I learn so much more and what I need to work on more doing it that way. It´s really good for me. :) My testimony grows so much every single day. I have grown sooooo much since being here and I am finding so muchy happiness with this. I´m not even out in the filed yet but I love the people here. I love this gospel and I know it´s true! EVerything about it is true and I´m just so thankful to be out here in the field. I read Phil´s book everyday and that helps a lot. Prayer has become so important to me here. Since I can´t talk to you guys everyday, I talk to the Lord and it has blessed me so much. I stay happy constantly. I really haven´t had a sad sad moment I feel So tthat´s good :) I love you mom and dad. I love you Phil, Jess, Corinne, and you too Adam :P hahaha. Alright sadly time to sign off! Till Next week :)

Love, Elder Grant Shaw Merrill

P.S. still wish I could use the enter bar on this computer haha. Sorry!

(I added the returns at the end of Grant's letter!)

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