Wednesday, August 31, 2011

So Close!

Another week closer to Grant leaving the MTC--Wow!

Oi Everyone!!
Yes it is so close to being me out of the CTM :) :) :) I´m so ready and super excited!! But sad too!! I´ll miss all my friends I made but they are going to be serving the Lord as well so no worries. :)
So Mom you will get another charge to the credit card. Yeah debit card is just not working and I have no idea why. The lady said that it could be that just certain cards don´t work in Brasil as Debit. But who knows.. hahah. I wish it did!! I did call to start it though! I´m pretty darn sure... You can check it out if you so feel like doing so :P So I got the Christensen´s letter(s)!! haha. It was awesome!!! They sent it in all different letters so I got more mail :) It was the best!!! Everyone in my district was jealous :P Btw my Branch consists of my district so I think we will be going into a different branch. And our Branch predsident left!!! Sad day!! But alls good :)
I got your guys letter too!!! I loved the 80 things thingy it was the best :P hahaha. You will have to explain some of the stories some time. But for now I´ll laugh at the ones I know hahah. It´s the best. So we went to the Campinas temple again today. And... I took a picture shhh :P haha. I had too it´s just so awesome!!!
Btw, so i dont forget!! Start sending to my mission home!!!! Isn´t that crazy to think about??? I will be in my mission so soon! :D Yes it´s so very exciting!!! I just want to start sharing the gospel with everyone!!! :) So I´m guessing Dallen is in the MTC huh? Sad that his visa hasn´t come yet!! But I bet it will!! :)
Next week I do some prosyelting!!! Two days. Monday and then again on friday!! for like 1-2 hours i think? I´m more afraid of that than the field because in the field I will have a senior companinon the proyselting is two white guys who really don´t speak portuguese hahaha. :P it´s funny but freaky!!!! Anyways..
so I can pretty much read the Preach My Gospel in portuguese without much trouble maybe like a word here or there i don´t know but I can get the jist of it all. Jist that is a weird word. Is it an actually word? I don´t know. So the scriptures are still hard to read but I can get the "jist" of it too :P hahahah.
How´s the leg mom?? good that´s good. hahah. :P wish you could answer and I could hear it sometimes but that´s okay :P haha. So!!!! Crazy Crazy story!!! Story about how important it is to keep the rules!!! So the other week a missionary in Vitoria had his leg destroyed by a train. About 7 in the morning on P day i think, him and his companinon were at the train station. Don´t really know what they were trying to do but one tried to jump on the train and got his leg caught under it or something like that. Apparently it´s on the web haha. (secuirty video). But they were not where they needed or supposed to be and so this is an example that the rules are there for your protection and for you to be able to feel the spirit to teach with it. That's what it is all about. The ability to have the spirit and teach with it. This week I decided to work on being more humble and that is the biggest definition of it!!! Being humble is being able to be teachable by the spirit. To have the spirit is the most important thing ever.
Isn´t it cool whenI leave that´s when Jessica is supposed to have her baby?!?! Setembro 13!!! It´s cool. No biggy. HAPPY BIRTHDAY GAVIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY HANNAH!!!! :) haha wont forget you Hannah no worries!! Btw Hannah Grant did write me :P hahah.
Nascimento can read english. Just dont´use too hard of words. He speaks portuguese, is learning spanish (incrediably fast!!), and knows some english. He´s probably the same level of english as I am portuguese maybe even better so he can read it. Just make sure it´s legiable :) hahah.
Sorry I don't tell cool stories that happen. The reason is because nothing happens. hahah. I write in my journal every night and it´s really only my feelings and what I need to work on or whatever that kind of realates to today. Or how my teaching went. Because it is the same everyday here. It´s the best don´t get me wrong!!! But I want the field. I want to stop teaching fake people and I want to teach real people and know that I could be having an effect on people´s lives so badly!!!! It will be crazy hard in the beginning but I want it!!!!
So... 18 huh Dad?!?! MAN!! I always miss the awesome ones ;) hahaha. Jk :P Hope you caught that reference!!! hahah. Can´t wait to catch one bigger :P hahaha.
Yeah you're right mom. I was a horrible letter writer :P hahah. (I didn't call him a horrible letter writer, just for the record.) But now look at me!! Yeah Jared and Louie haven´t sent me one yet or i haven´t got one yet! But Hannah Adams did send me! So I´m getting some letters from friends too! :P I have like 5 from Brother minor :P hahaha. No one has beat him yet haha.
I am learning so much from the scriptures it is insane in the membrane!!! i love it!!!! I swear each and every story realates to me as a missionary somehow. Especially Alma. Such a great book!!! Read Alma 32! Great one about faith!!!! You learn so much more when you make sure to pay attention to the people and how they are interacting with others and where the people are currently. It is a great blessing to have this time to really study the scriptures as hard as I want. It really brings me sooooo much joy. I love it more than anything right now. I could always be doing this! But I have a short amount of time and I do not want to waste a second!!!! I love you guys so much!!! And I pray for you guys everyday!!! I never forget you guys in my prayers. I love you!
Seu Filho, Irmão, Amigo,
Elder Grant Shaw Merrill

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