Thursday, August 11, 2011

Yeah--we got an e-mail; P-Day Changed to Wednesdays!

Okay, so I tried to clean this up a bit. I certainly didn't change all of his grammar, etc., but hopefully you get the essence. I think he must be trying to type as fast as his mind works.

I´m using a different internet service so I can actually enter! haha. Man This week was weird and interesting!! Congrats to Adam for passing his tests! But first off yeah the new program started up and it basically made it more specific of what to study and a lot less free time. So I like it! It´s more of us teaching. Like everyday you are guaranteed to teach an "investigator." And you now have two progressive investigators. they are just your two teachers thtat you have. I have a new teacher now! His name is Iramão Martins! He´s way cool and awesome! But I´ll miss Irmão David because he will no longer be my teacher! So I´m doing a lot more teaching and only in portuguese but I can throw in english words when I don´t know. It´s still pretty broken but that´s okay that´s how I learn! haha.
So a lot of my roommates moved out into the room right next too us! 3 of them So that left me and my companion haha. But that is because we now have two brasilians in our room and they do too! It´s really fun and It really does help my portuguese a lot! I try and speak to any brasilian that I see in portuguese. They are cool guys!
This weekend I was sick again! haha. Like not good sick haha. Eventually coughing grossness hahah. Oh Cool Story!! So the other night I went to bed feeling pretty good but I then woke up in the midddle of the night like at 3. And I had a horrible horrible pain in my side that it just was unbareable! I couldn´t stand it. Every time I breathed is really when it hurt bad. So I would try and hold my breath for a while but obviously that strategy didn´t last long. Eventually I found a position that worked "the Best" but still hurt bad. I ended up accidently waking up my companion twice and the second time I asked him if he could give me a blessing (at 4:30). After he gave me a blessing like 2 minutes after I felt 90% better! It was amazing! I was still hurting just not as bad at all! It still hurts right now but never that bad again! :) hahah. Apparently I got that from coughing too hard when coughing up mucus hahahaha. So be careful of the mucus!! I´m taking some good meds from the doc to make sure i am fully healed!
So I thought you mom the other day! Well I always think of you :P but i mean I thought you because I played Consider the Lillies for the choir tuesday night! It was very pretty! Yes I am basically the unofficial official piano player. Everyone here thinks I´m a pianst gunies (man apparently not an english one cause I do not know how to spell that word haha.) **Insert from Mom--I believe he meant genius.** It´s really funny haha. They are also amazed that I can play violin just as good haha. I just like to play is all i say! So I´m keeping extrememly busy nonstop by studying gospel, portuguese, and playing music. You should see my scriptures, man they are crazy marked up haha. Speaking of! So I´m thinking of buying some nice portuguese scriptures and the bom is 44,10 R and the Bible is 21,50 R. How much is on the card?! And think it´s worth it? one R = .66 Dollars. If that helps!! by the way thanks for the medicine as well! I am using it up as well!
do my contact cases go through one bottle or two? I can´t remember I´m not running low on a bottle yet just curious :) We have a sweet thunderstorm last night! It was super loud and awesome! And some rain! We also have two new Elders in our district and I think we are expecting 2 more today! there were supposed to be 33 that were for my week. Only 5 made it! That´s amazing. I feel extremely lucky! That´s sad for Dallen! Well hey provo is just as good though :) haha. Except no brasilians and fluent speakers and that you aren~t actually in brasil. But! Still learning :) The guys that come from provo still know portuguese probably just as well. It really just matters how much effort is put into it.
So I got Jessica´s letter! Thanks Jess! :) And I got 5 from brother minor hahahah. So Yeah :P One other from david but no one else! I really do like recieving mail it feels so good :)
So I actually don´t mind TRC. It´s basically the same thing, they just try to make it even more realistic and just video tape you, but you dont even think about the video tape when doing it.
Hi Grandma!! How are you doing?!! I sure do miss ya! :) Still playing scrabble and watching music and the spoken word?! haha. I think I get my humor from you ;P hahah. You are one great gal :P hahah. Well I love you!
I will have to see Planet of Apes now dad :P And Have fun in happy camp! And up in Portland! Say hi to Arick for me! And that is super exciting and scary for Katie! haha. I feel lucky hahaha. Just kidding! I will have to find out nascimentos address! It´s weird that you are High Counselor Dad :P haha. Speaking as one though huh? Sweet. Do work. Do good Work. haha.
Well I misss you guys a ton ton!! And I love you guys a lot! You guys mean the world to me and I think about you everyday! But no worries I am fully concentrated on my mission and will be giving it 100% even if my companion doesn~t try.. I will give 100% hahaha. I wish I could think of more to say and had more time! But oh well!!! I love you guys!

Seu Filho, (your son), or whatever the relaionship is you whoever is reading :P,
Elder Grant Shaw Merrill (Shaw is just in case;))
Forgot to ask. Can you ask Sister Morgan to ask David if he got my letter? thanks mom!! I love you and miss you! This past week I was wanting to hear your voice a lot! But prayer works miracles and thats what I have learned. So for me I keep praying and I make myself stay happy, even when It´s really hard to I stay happy by staying busy. I dont´let myself have down time that way I dont get sad. So don´t worry I´m very happy :) but just know I was really missing you and Dad this week haha. And you guys pray all the time too :) OH! And How´s Diana?? Is she worse now? I remembered her in my fast sorry I forgot to say anything about it. haha.

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