Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Best Week Yet

I sure miss my boy--I would love to hear his voice, but this is certainly the next best thing!

Oi Oi Oi!!! :)
What´s up family and friends?!?! Looks like the enter button is working again :) We are on a roll!!! hahaha. So I got the collins' letters!! Did you write the stuff on the envelope mom? It looks like your handwriting. That´s what's awesome about you is that you just take charge :P hahaha. So!! I leave September 13th!! Isn´t that crazinaz?!! AHHHH!! I am so excited!! I want to teach real people!!! I want to start telling people about the message that I have!!! I know I really don´t know the language but I can give lessons, I want to tell people what I know :) I want to be out in the field!! Please and thank you :) :)
So what is my mission home address. That would be useful to know :P If you could send it that would be awesome. And Also put it on my blog and give to sister Morgan for David would be good too!!! :) Please and thank you!!!
So like the title says!! Best Week Yet!!! I have learned so much!!! Especiallly in something you guys (parents) have always taught me. Planning!!! It is the driving force in how diligent you work and how productive your day is. If you are specific and realistic and meaningful when you plan you get so much done and things that actually mean something! I have really really learned how to plan very well and I am getting way more done and WAY more out of the gospel and language study times!!! :) It´s really been a blessing :) So Do anything cool for phil´s b-day?!?!
I´m starting up Jesus the Christ today :P Crazy I know but I´m so excited. I finished Our Heritage and it's  amazing what the old saints went through to be able to get this Church moving. They sacrificed so much. They gave of their lives and went through so much persecution. It really makes me realize. I´m giving two years of my life, but not my life. I´m giving nothing compared. So I have nothing to complain about and this work in fact is fun and a blessing. There is no reason for me to be sad or discouraged or feel like I am being cheated. Because I´m not. I´m being greatly blessed by serving a mission!!! It is one of the most rewarding things I have ever done!!! :) If not the most!!! It is 100% gospel (and language) and I will never get this opportunity again. I don´t want to waste a second, so I am giving it my all!1 Of course I am really enjoying myself and having fun too :) No worries I know I can be somewhat of a person who just works all the time when I get my mind set into it. But I am having so much fun!!
So today instead of the São Paulo temple, we went to the Campinas temple!!! It was WAY AWESOME!!! I loved it!! :) It was the coolest temple ever!!! Well, all temples are! I just get excited over going to the temple :) Only wish was that it was at a different time than the morning. It would be better at a different time but that is okay :) :) hahah.
So we have fake progressive investigators and one of them we are going to have to teach law of chastity. It´s a humbling experience when you realize, how do i even teach that in English and have to do it in a different language. hahaha. :P But it´s so fun planning lessons and teaching them and realizing I will be doing this for real in a little while!! :)
So almost all of the american´s left this past week. There are only 30-40 americans at the CTM right now. And there is supposed to be 150. It´s CRAZY!!!!!!! There are now only 10 people in my branch... Which is my district hahaha. :P So this week has been hard!!!! But really rewarding. Because I am doing Portuguese only this week. It is very hard, and I´m not doing well past two days. But tomorrow and today I will be doing a lot better! I just pray for help each day and guidance and then I try my absolute hardest!! The worst is when it gets night time and I´m just done for the day. But I have to remind myself to keep going and not give up!!!
I really really love mornings here. For the sole reason of personal study. That is one of my favorite times. I get to study what I want and really really learn what I need and want to learn. That´s my favorite time.
Nascimento Address:
Élder Franceyl Alves Do Nascimento
Missão Colômbia Barran Quilla
Calle 82 # 55-20, Apto 2
Edifico Matisse
Barran Quilla Atlantico
:) Thanks!!! Man that´s crazy what happened to Andrew (Cloward)!! Get Better!!! And Dad I would love to run a marathon with you!! :) And Mallory is engaged?! YAY!!! That´s super exciting!! :) Happy day for her!! haha. and Bohnnaza is fun!!! I´ll beat Corinne :P Corinne you will do an awesome job with the pictures!! that´s still really really weird she (Ashlee DeKorte) is getting married... hahah anyways. :P I miss you guys!! And Hannah and Pagie those are some attractive pictures :P hahah. I´ll make sure to show them to everyone ;) hahaha. jk Keep letting me know all that is happening!!! I wish I could write forever!!!! Make sure to send me my mission home address :) oh and if you didn´t send the package yet, I would love some more moleskin notebooks!! :) I love them!! (same company you bought the music notebook for me) If you already did send the package then next package :) thanks!!!
I love you guys and I know this Chruch is true! I~ll have to leave at that cause I´m pushing the time!! But I love you all!!
Elder Grant Shaw Merrill

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