Tuesday, July 26, 2011

The beginning of week 3

Okay--so I will say, I hope his typing or grammar gets a little better!

Oi!!! Hi there family!!! Still can´t enter... oh well :) So yes!! Probably like mission tie davids emails might be better i don´t know do both!!! :) I get letters from him faster haha. Tell brother minor I got his letter! haha. So my companion is Elder Ransom! He is a pretty cool guy!! Sometimes does some things that bug me but that~s okay. I just need to learn patience! yeah I probably gonna use some mr cheney cookies today! So most of the people here are from Washington, Oregon, and California. There is like over 90 people I heard at Provo!!! I feel very blessed to have gotten my visa when I did. So we had one of my first friends leave today! Elder Gonçalves! He was such a funny guy and awesome! But because he~s Brasilian and he is speaking Portuguese he only stays for a little bit! haha. We have another brasilian friend named Elder No Nascimento. He is crazy awesome! He knows Portuguese and knows some English but he is going to Columbia on his mission and speaking Spanish! Man and I thought I had it hard. :P that´s what I need to keep thinking though. When times get hard I´m just learning one language and I have support of all these Brasilian missionaries here. They are really awesome! So not only am I playing the Brasilian National Anthem but I am playing piano tonight for Devotional and piano for different things like choir as well as violin! So I´m very happy that I get to play :) Dad´s gonna be a high counselor?!? And Is this part gonna be have to cut out? or do people know yet? Man that´s crazy :P What a good guy ;) haha. So how is Steven doing?!? Did his baptism go well?! So lately we have been doing lessons in Portuguese and man.. It´s sooo tough!! The whole time I´m concentrated on trying to form sentences that I don´t realize he was trying to have me say get baptised!!! hahah. It was funny cause everyone else knew what was going to happen :P Oh well! It´s super fun learning the language and knowing that I will speak it and teach the Gospel to all those around me. I love this Gospel! It brings so much joy into my life! One thing that I have learned is that prayer is the most useful ever. It has helped me out so much and I am so thankful for it. Tell Phil I read his book all the time too :) It brings a lot help into my life here at the CTM. So What do you guys have planned?!? And seriously?!?! Did the McClures get hurt?! That´s crazy! The hard knock life of being a bishop though i guess. Try looking where I put all my shoes in my closet mom! I´m not sure where else... haha. I love studying the gospel and reading scriptures all the time. This is just the hardest and best thing yet :) hahaha. I miss you guys a lot and Love you guys, but we are still in the same Gospel and still living and moving on. I´m grateful for you guys and for everything that you have provided for me. It´s really just the best having you guys (mom and dad) as parents so thank you so much :) I love you! 
Love, Elder Grant Shaw Merrill                                                                                                                                                                           

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