Monday, April 29, 2013



What´s up my peeps?!?!  This week was better. Some people that were to be baptized ended up not being baptized but there were some that were baptized. But another miracle did happen! This man that we had been teaching for sometime now, but recently he had been traveling, found us again and told us that he wants to be baptized! :) Yay! He had been going to chapel to chapel working for the church even. So he had a lot of contact with the church haha :) Taht´s great! So now, we will prepare him this week and get him ready for baptism! :D
Things are going well. We had a wedding on friday and then she´ll be baptized the saturday and confirmed sunday. woot woot! We got a lot of possibles in our zone this week. I´m pretty exctied! Here in a little bit this zone will be part of a new mission, but I´ll be home already! Whoa! Craziness to the max times 3!!!!!!!!!! For the past 3 transfers since I´ve been here in caragua we´ve had bikes, forgot to mention that. That´s been interesting... haha. We don´t ride them all the time, but if we are in a hurry or searching for people on sundays we use them. You should see me trying to ride a bike again :P haha. ... scary stuff man... I´m getting better.
We recieved a new washing machine! But! I think we burned it up, because it aint working. So still washing by hand. De boa. Just go! :)
So, probably 4:30 my time will work! I´ll make sure and let you know :) But sweet!!!!! That´s pretty exciting for Dallin! :) I bet he´s excited! It´ll be good for him. Is Jared happy with the new change? I bet a little sad a least. Dad! you keep making me want to go fishing more and more :P haha.
Alrighty, I`m heading out to clean up the house. :) See ya later!
com amor,

Élder Grant Shaw Merrill!!
P.s (If there is work in the bardyard for me to do when i get home, I call dibbs :P haha)

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