Thursday, April 11, 2013

I Knew it!!


What´s up family! Well, this month was pretty rough for us here in the zone. But we are trying to get better. This past week we weren´t really even in our area. My companion had to get his visa renewed and we also had zone council so we weren´t really in our area this week. Carlos is doing well. Confirmed and firme! He went to priesthood session with a suit. It was awesome :) He´s doing really well! We are waiting for the documents to make the marriage of luana´s parents! I think that´ll come very soon! I´m super excited for that. I believe that I will stay here in the area for the transfer, but who knows! I can´t believe David is going to be home this week! That´s craziness! man.. time really flies by!!

So did I tell you how there was a flood in our city a couple of weeks back? Yeah that was crazy and it made it really hard for people to go to church. It ruined some people´s houses. There was even boats on the roads! :P haha. Well, when we came back home on friday after the zone council. All my clothes on the line drying were on the ground because of a wind. Well, that wind was super strong and blew down huge trees and signs of markets. It was crazy. Also, when we got back, a truck totally busted up some telephone wires on our road. Well, it didn´t affect us, but it was crazy to see. Speaking of clothes, I´m not liking washing my clothes by hand anymore :P so much work hahha. I want a machine again, but it´s taking some while. Oh well. I got some washing this mornning and we cleaned the house pretty nicely.

Happy birthday to Jess, Hallie, me, grandpa, and Blake Muir! :) haha. Anyone else I missed out happy birthday too! :) I got the package thanks parents! You are awesome! It was super creative and tasty, thanks for the garments!! I also got your letter Jess! Thanks so much! It´s good to get letters! Woot!

So, I totatlly called it! I knew Presidente Moreira (Joaquim Moreira), my old President, was going to be 70! AHHH!!! Thanks so awesome :) Now, I  don´t know if it will be harder or not to visit him :P hahah. But that´s awesome. Also, temple in Rio! WOOT! That´s way dang cool. I´m excited for that and i´m never even been there. Even though I am pretty close to Rio right now. haha. I got to see a family that I knew in Jaraceí! It was way good to see them! They are very special to me and it was very good. It was a family that the daughter went to Walnut creek for 6 months. The mom and daughter are going to orlando later this year, I want to see if it´ll work out to visit them.

Because of conference, people from são sebastião came up to caraguátatuba to watch it. And I got to see a lot of people i knew even someone that I baptized. :) Super good to see them and how she was doing. She´s firem still :) YAY! I´m happy for that! Things are going well. I´m hoping to see some progress in our zone and area. I´ll felt pretty useless these past couple of weeks. But I know that the Lord has a purpose with everything. I´m excited to continue forward. I´ll trying to be a better leader, sometimes doesn´t feel like it, but I know I just need to do my best. I really want to terminate my mission on top, but I know I just need to be obeient and diligent with the work and all will be okay.

This conference was very especial and I learned a lot. I wish I had my notes with me to remember everything, but I forgot it. It was super good mesmo. I think it was my favortie. I learned a lot about hte Lord´s mercy and grace. and how the savior wants to forgive us. I learned as well a lot from Uthcdorf´s talk about the titles. That was very good.

But let´s keep pressing on! I love you all!

com amor,

Élder Grant Shaw Merrill!

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