Monday, April 22, 2013

G-man jr, to the rescue!


Man, it´s super disappointing when you have a lot of hope for something and then it doesn´t happen. But oh well, we baptized a lady in our area this weekend so that was good.She is a super awesome lady too! She is Marisa. She´s a miracle. She´s someone who we found my first transfer here in Caraguá and then the other missionareis here in caragua´ ended up teaching her. But nothing happened with her, then one day she found me and my companion on the road and told us that she wanted to go to church. So we went to her house and talked to her. She has cancer and had read half the book of mormon and prayed recieved an answer and like that she accepted getting baptized and really wanted to and went to church and then this week too and got baptized. And now she will be a firm memeber of the churhc! Woot!
So we tried a different tactic this weeek. Soccer :) We got a good turn out with it took and we hope to get some more references with it :P

Carlos (a recent convert) Got the priesthood this sunday. boom headshot! it was awesome :) He´s doing super well too.
This week we found some new peeps including a family. They seem prettty sweet. And the missionareis 5 years ago married them. Just still not baptized, so let´s finalize it! yeash! woot woot! Let´s go!
We went to Ubatuba today! Man, I want to go swimming :P haha. It´s super beautiful there :P It´s 10. It was funny there cause we had a little lunch and we got followed by a bunch of animals. Goose were being folgado (have phil translate the word I can´t think of a word for it) It´s like they were up in our faces and trying to eat all of our food. There was geese there, turkey, chicken, and other stuff. haha sweet.
That´s got to be rough for Jared, but I know he´ll be able to deal with it okay. I feel for him though, I would not have liked to do that. I miss that kid! I loved the picture.
It´s still weird thinking that DAvid is in house. I´m trying my best to concentrate on this mission :) don´t worry I´m working my butt off :P Just it´s interesting when you have a companion going home in a couple of weeks, your best bud is already home and you are going home in the next transfer. Won´t lie it´s a hard thing to concentrate, but that´s what I need to do right now, Because I really want these last 2 months to be the best theycan be :) (Ps. I think about those nachos a lot :P ahhahaha.)
So techinally I do have a date, just cause I know when the next transfer will end but my ticket hasn´t been bought yet, it´ll be bought in the next little bit though. So I´ll get home home on a thursday june the 27th. I´m guessing I´ll be gettting home around noonish. For example, my companion lives in Chico, Cal, and he gets home at 12:29 on may 16 and chico is close to home, so I suspect a similar thing. (ps. I want natalies :P hahaha. but that´s still to far away to talk about haha
Hey dad, I´m definitely calling. My companion doesn´t need to call. He´ll call and two-three days later he´s home hahah :P haha.

I heard about the boston marathon taht´s super sad, man.
Well, my peeps and other peeps, I´m kind of hyper and need to prepare some mad deep douctirne training haha just kidding. Man, I love being a missionary and I really am looking forward to some progress here in a little.
amo vocês. Eu tenho mutio orgulho por ser representante de Cristo. Não tem um chamdo mais sagrado do que esse. vou ser um pro resto de minha vida. Descuple mãe, não vou voltar ;) kkkk. tô bricando. te amo mãe, você é mais querida pra mim e sempre serei o seu filho querido.
com amor,

Élder Grant Shaw Merrill!

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