Monday, March 11, 2013

This time I´ll remember

Grant sent lots of pictures today. I will try to get them posted!



This wasn´t as great of week. The work was a little slower. Although, we didn´t work super hard either. We needed to be a lot more diligent. So we will be trying this week. Zone council was cancelled this week so now this next week we will have zone council. Because of that and divisions we will be doing this week, tuesday and firday we will not be in our area. Giving us 3 days before sunday to get work done. It´s going to be hard and a busy week. Our zone was bad this week. I´m not sure what we need to do to get better, but i´m searching to know. 

In our branch we had a fireside where i gave the message about missionary work. It went really well. I talked about a lot of things and showed a video too. I talked about the great importance of members in the work and how they are essencial to the work. The members seem pretty excited now. :) They really enjoyed it and the food there :P haha. But something cool is that we are receiving dinners and not just lunches now. Because there are so many sisters that want to give food to us :D woot! hahah.

So much hotness in this city. and beautiful beaches :) haha... Good times. can´t swim though :P hahah. I definitely want to buy a house here :P it´d be sweet to the max X 3!!!!!! heheh... But with all this hotness there is a loooooooooooot of rain and thunderstorms but still hot. Oh well it´s Brasil!!! :)

The parents of luana are changing jjobs and it´s looking like they won´t work on sundays. I hope so :) They will get married this month and baptized to :) Well at least the mom but the dad we got to teach more and help him recieve a response to prayer and go to church. Man I don´t know how to speak english no more.

Hey new scriptures and going to be coming out. Que daora! Sweetness! Also, the last transfer of my mission, (if i´m still here) I could make part of a new mission. But who knows. I think that would be cool. How many people from our stake are on missions (or will be going) and how many of them are in brasil. I always tell people that I have friends all over brasil. It´s awesome. How´s jordan and Louie doing? It´s crazy how small this world is. Thinking about it. I´m living with someone from where louie is right now (João Pessoa), I´ve met missionaries that were companions of Phil and others that served with David, i´ve met missionaries that were part of Peter Williams Zone when he was a zone leader and david went to the ward where Elder B. Lima lives (an elder I lived with a coupple of months ago) and saw a photo of me. Awesome :) 

So now... Yes I realize I had a weird name for my last email. Well, I forgot to tell the story. I left the Lan house and realized, man, they´re going to think I´m weird, well... I am but more weird. It´s nothing super awesome but funny haha. It´s like this: We got home one day from a hard day of work and I opened up the door, in that moment I saw something on the neck of my companion but before I had time to say anything it was already in his mouth :P hahaha. And it was a nasty cockroach. hahahah. :P It was super funny. Then we went inside of our house and went to our room and we were talking and in portuguese said, Why is there a cat under my bed?!?! haha. And out ran a cat and starting messing up our area book and stuff. But we got it out :P oh it was good. It seems like I just get home, and i´m already dead wanting to just sleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep. I´m so tired all the time now. But it´s good :)

yesterday, I read a talk given at BYU one day by I forgot who about Grace. I think I´ll send it to you guys. It was a super good talk :) It was very good. I loved it :)

I´m getting tired of washing my clothes by hand. It´s really hard to get it  as clean. I´m excited to soon recieve a machine. I hope!!! Yeah I´ve known that David would be going home on my birthday :P We have the same transfers here.

Hey, I´ll help at work! Well, I´ll take whatever work when I get back. I would love to work at the ranch again, but I´ll take work :) But can´t even think about that, I got loooooooooooooots of time left :P hahah....

Dad, you´re like becoming muscle muscle man haha. :P I got to catch up.. hehe..

Well, I´ll leave it at that. I love you guys! I love my friends and miss them lots. I hope jared is well in Russia. And Keep going David, don´t get trunkie ;) hahaha

com amor,
Élder Grant Shaw Merrill

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