Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Better Week

I know I have said this before, but truly, Grant will need to brush up on his English skills and/or typing skills when he gets home! Haha! Happy reading!


Well, this week was way better! Things are going a lot better in our area and zone. Today, we went to the island and it was awesome :) Ah, I love living here. :) This week we had a zone conference with a 70, elder Cruz. It was awesome. He explained a lot about rules (something the mission needs to get better at as a whole) and about baptisms. Explaind about how our mission is one of the most baptizing missions but it´s been a while since a stake as split. The reason behind it is because there are not enough men being baptized and a lot of children. That was something I noticed a lot in the beginning of my mission. But my mission definitely has changed. And Heck I might have another mission in the end. Who knows! But I want to baptize every week but well today.

Because of the conference, I was able to visit the family that i bapitzed in Jacare√≠. That was the best ever! :) I love them so much :) I missed them so much and it was really good to see them. Althouhg I was not able to see the dad ,but that is okay :) Let´s keep going! 

This week we worked out butts off. It seemed we were leaving house super early and keep home super late too. It was good though. We did a division on tuesday and that was good. I stayed in my area, the day didn´t go exactly has planned and I got hooked into playing a song at the birthday of relife society thingy. That was fun. It was a fun song, I had to basically sight read and practiuce it on sunday, because i had no other time. But I did well, they liked it. Wendsday was the conference and thursday we helped with a moving. a less member was moving and we helped on thursday, and saturday. It was good. she has two granddaughters (twins) That went to church this week and are being prepared for baptism this week. We baptized a young man this week (Carlos) 16 years old. He´s super awesome and will be a great addition :) I ´m excited. We have tons of guys that we are teaching and just need a little ´push to baptis m:P haha. But we are working with them :) I hope that they will make the decision here in a little. :) Our group of teaching is big just they aren´t feeling ready for baptism. I know they are, but they don´t :P haha. Well, We will be teaching them this week and looking for more. I´m really enjoying the work right now. Gets my mind off of home ;) hahaha. Joking, but it´s weird, because my companion will go home in the next transfer and then it´s me O_o weird. Say hi to david for me :P hahaha.

Hey! When I get home I think I need to get some sort of shot thingy...for school because I´m here in brasil. I don´t know. Also! I comptetely forgot what I was going to say. But I ´ve go to go prepare for a meeting! Love the hekc out of you peeps! I want to go fishing! Tchau!

Luana´s parents will be marking their marriage this tuesday! :d yay! woot!

com amor,

√Člder Grant Shaw Merrill!

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