Monday, March 18, 2013

pepper? Good... but that´s not!


Well, my fam bam! Things are going swell here in Caraguá! This week was not the best but we are getting better. In fact it wasn´t a good week at all. In our area or zone. I got pretty stressed out. but I´m all good now. We were going to baptize a rapaz (young man) this week, but he got sick and had to stay home. We will be working with him this week to help him get baptized. This past week we had only 1 person at church... in the zone... so it was pretty hard hahah. But A lot had to do with rain... yeah, rain made it really hard for people to go. Also we only had wednesday and half of thursday and saturday to work this week. Friday was counsel and tuesdays we do intense divisions where we leave our areas completely.

Well, this week I went to São Sebastião to do interviews. I had an interesting expíerence there... So I did the first interview, done and we started to leave and there was a pepper plant there. One of the elderes took the best and we split it. It was pretty hot but not horribly hot. But somehow I got some of it up my nose! Gah that was horrible. And it burned, but it soon stopped. Then... I went to do another interview and while I was doing the interview, I whiped my eyes and got pepper in my eyes. AHHH! That burned. I threw water on my face and my intire face burned like crazy. Well I continued the interview and it soon passed. Later, I went to the bathroom to go number 1 and well... I´ll leave the story there. But that was crazyness to the max. 

I got no more idea sadly. But this week will be awesome love you guys :)


com amor,
Élder Grant Shaw Merrill!

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