Monday, September 19, 2011

O Campo!! (The Field!!)

Well I´m finally out here!!! I´m pretty excited!!!! So updates!! We did another proselyting trip on the friday before we left and in a way bigger spot. E. Ransom did better but still was pretty hesistant about talking to people. I don´t blame him though it´s pretty difficult when both of you don´t know what´s going on. haha. So we had tons of meetings on Monday about the field and a bunch of other stuff. It was long. That´s all about that hahah. Good just really long. But we said all our goodbyes and stuff like that and that was good. It was really sad though at the same time. Good though because we were all finally going out to were we needed to be!! haha. So yeah it was good. Said bye to my instructors. (Irmão Viana, David, Zamboni, e Marchins). Good guys. I might have the possibility of seeing Marchins again!
So The MTC is in Norte and my mission home is about 20-30 mintues away. Although, we had to leave at 5:30 in the morning because the Mission Presidente wanted to have us at his house at 6:30 for meetings again. His house is about an hour away from CTM. So it was a fun wake up call!! haha. So we had a bunch of meetings again in portuguese hahah and with breaks in between for breakfast and lunch. Let me tell ya, I thought the CTM food was good. But man, it stinks compared to home made food. I forgot how good it was!!! haha. I love it!! I have been eating some good food while out here. They really do know how to take care of you while out here!!
After all that we then went back to the mission home and got our new companions! For american´s in our mission you always start out with another american just so you can not go insane haha. But you are only allowed to speak english 3 hours a week with them. But most of the time we just speak portuguese. It´s pretty darn difficult... haha. But worth it!!! So we went to our home and we had to use the metro and buses to get there, so it´s kind of far. That's the biggest worry for me, how in the world am I going to learn where things are here. haha no idea. We shall see!!
So that night I gave my first lesson!!! It was for 2 people (grandma and grandson) getting baptized that next sunday (yesterday). And they had only a little bit left. So guess what I taught? Law of Chastity. hahah. Yeah my first lesson was law of chastity. But!!! it went not too bad!!! We went through the pamphlet and they accepted it really easily!!!
While out here I have learned way more than I thought possilbe it´s quite amazing haha. I learn so much from my companion. Oh sorry name: E. Richins. He´s from utah. haha. But he's way awesome :) He teaches me a lot everyday. And corrects me with pronunciation and helps with words i don´t know. It´s good. I try my hardest but it´s really hard to pipe in a conversation that you don´t know what´s going on. American´s speaking portuguese are easy to understand, but brazilians are quite difficult haha. But I really can tell that I am getting better everyday. There´s nothing better!!
I feel like we could be doing more with our time. It seems like we walk from appointment to appointment and that´s the exact thing we aren´t supposed to do. haha. But I think this week we are doing more contacting and I will get mroe practice in that. I am understanding about 50-70% of what´s going on. Depending on the person. Sometimes 0% if the person is impossible to understand haha.
But I am trying my best to read in portuguese only with pmg (Preach My Gospel) and pamphlets. I Still read scriptures in english for right now though.
So yes yesterday we had 2 baptisms!!! Yay!!! it was sweet! Kauê and Lucia. (Grandson and Grandma). They are way awesome people and I could really tell their sincereness for this gospel. I am really happy for their decicion and I can´t wait to help more. We got probably 2-3 potential this week for right now. But this week is young so we could get more!!! We were supposed to have 3 yesterday but Maria was a little bit iffy. I´m not sure what´s up so we are going to try and see what´s up but hopefully this sunday she will be baptized.
Church was fun! Stood up in front of everyone and said hi. They do it Preisthood, Sunday School, and then Sacrament Meeting. So that was different. Small little ward haha. Oh btw my area is called Limoeiro. I have no idea if you are able to look it up or not but you can try!!! We are in a part of São Paulo that seems more poor than others. Every street it packed full of houses and other buildings. All with gates so yes you do have to clap instead of knock!!! Cars are crazy here. Motorcycles are even crazier. But Buses are the craziest. Seriously. Mom if you thought Dad freaks you out when stopping at a red light. Wait till you try riding in one of these buses. I don´t think they would stop for anything!! haha. But! We get to our destination fast. haha.
We walk everywhere and when we need to get somewhere that´s a little bit further away we ride the bus but that´s it. haha. Met the Bishop and Counselors they are awesome! One counselor is japanese. There are a lot of Japanese people here actually. And it´s really weird hearing them speak Portuguese and with a brasilian accent haha.
In our house, we have our own washing machine and "drying" machine (hang dry!!) But I guess the washing machine doesn't do the best job but oh well!! And toliet and shower are the same. That´s strange haha. But I´m used to it now. I´ll take some pictures and send them to ya!!
Btw I think I only will be able to check mail every...3 or so weeks not sure. I will miss checking everyday that´s for sure hahaha. So because of some elder we can´t play futeball anymore (well for me never hahah) on p days so that won´t happen for me haha. no biggie though!
So A new baby for Sister Christensen!! That´s super exciting!!! Ah!!!! Pictures again!! hahah.
And I will check for the package when we go get mail!!!
I did mais ou menos (so so) with reading brother Christensen´s letter hahah. But I will try again now and see how I did. I´m glad that your foot is a lot better!!! And Visiting teaching supervisor huh?!? Spiffy! haha. That´s awesome!!! I´m not sure if i can email pictures. I will figure out how all this works and next p day send you guys a letter with pictures (hopefully) Okay?: sweet!!!
Oh my gosh!! I loveeeeeeeee Ruby!! :) She is beautiful!! AH!!! Thank you so much for the pictures. So cute. I am so happy that everything went awesome!!! I certainly am missing you guys a lot and I want to say hi to little Ruby but I will wait faithfully!! haha. Well... I love you guys and hope that all is well there!! I´m doing good and working hard each day it´s hard to do your best when you're the greenie sometimes but I will do my best because I want to make you proud and never regret a single moment. Doing work helps me forget about my worries or things that are hard in my life. It makes me happy cause I am helping someone else in their life. So I found that you just need to always be in service of others and you will forget what makes you sad or other things. Well Time for me to have a good p day! haha. I love you again and miss you all! Ciao!
Seu filho, amigo, irmão,
Elder Grant Shaw Merrill
(I put my full name because I just always have) hehe.

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